Extend your oil life, enhance food quality and save money with Henny Penny Prime Cleaner and Prime Filter products.

Oil quality and filtration are two of the most important considerations for any operation. That’s why Henny Penny is proud to offer Prime Cleaner, the ideal way to keep fryers clean while promoting optimal oil quality. And with Henny Penny’s lineup of oil filtration aid products, operators can prolong oil life by as much as 50% — all while improving the quality of fried foods.

Learn the benefits of Prime Cleaner

Learn how to use our most popular frying oil life extender:
Prime Filter Powder.

See how Prime Cleaner is the safest, most effective
fryer cleaner powder available.

Henny Penny Prime Filter products feature a safe, pure white compound that acts as a magnet to attract and remove impurities that deteriorate oil quality and spoil fried foods.
The key filter aid is Prime Filter Powder — added to frying oil 1-2 times per day — but the same filtering performance is also available as Prime Filter HD Pads and Prime Filter Packets to make the process even easier.
Prime Cleaner is a safer choice compared to other alternatives on the market today. There’s no neutralizing rinse required after use and it’s approved for convenient non-hazmat shipping.